Road safety contacts

Iaan Smuts | Group Manager Community Projects | 020 7525 2135 |
Vivienne Harris | Road Safety Officer | 020 7525 5544
Gary Douglas | School Travel Plan Advisor | 020 7525 5525

Elected members 

Cllr R Livingstone |
Cllr C Rose |


The road safety team aims to reduce road casualties and is committed to making Southwark's road users as informed as possible about road safety.

Reducing the number of accidents on the road involves changing attitudes through a planned and structured programme for children and adults.

Road awareness needs to be developed from an early age and continued throughout life. We offer a service to playgroups, nurseries and schools in Southwark which includes:

• Road safety projects tailored to the national curriculum
• Educational resources
• Guidance on school road safety policies

Southwark's road safety officers continue to work with the Metropolitan Police on motorcycle campaigns. A mixture of education and enforcement is used to educate motorcyclists on the need to be seen and to keep within the speed limits. Motorcyclists account for around 20% of fatal or serious injuries, despite being only around 1% of motor traffic. 

We promote road safety through high profile campaigns including:

• HGVs
• Drink drive
• Child seat checks
• Speed awareness
• Junior citizen
• Childrens’ Traffic Club
• Junior Travel Ambassador scheme

The Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme is a programme designed for primary school pupils (Years 5 & 6). It encourages peer to peer engagement to promote safer and active travel within the school community. It's a fun and engaging way to spread important messages and build skills for life. A pupil pack can be downloaded here.

Cyclists safety training
Cycleconfident provides cycle training for Southwark residents, including on road training and other related activities such as maintenance courses and Doctor Bike sessions. The courses are free to all those living, working or studying in Southwark.

Free driver CPC training
Our one-day safer urban driving course is a DCPC training. This is available free of charge to any professional LGV driver whodrives in Southwark. This accredited course includes practical on road cycle training for drivers and will count for seven of 35 hours DCPC that all professional lorry drivers need to complete by September 2014.

Independent travel training
Independent travel increases opportunities for learning as well as social and job prospects:

• Increases independence and use of own initiative
• Provides greater freedom to eventually become less reliant on friends and family
• Raises self confidence
• Develops social skills



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