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Danni Sewell | Road Safety and Smarter Travel Assistant | 020 8708 3577 |

Elected members

Cllr B Nijjar |


Road and traffic safety
The road safety team is committed to improving road safety for all road users. The aim of the team is to minimise road crashes and reduce the number of people killed and injured on the borough’s roads.

The road safety team often works with key partners including Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the Met Police, the London Fire Brigade, health services and road safety teams in other local authorities. The road safety team’s activities include:

  • Visits to schools to deliver road safety education
  • Cycle training for both children and adults
  • Scooter skills sessions in primary schools
  • The Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme in primary schools
  • The Youth Travel Ambassador (YTA) scheme in secondary schools
  • Walking Buses in primary schools
  • 'Safe Drive Stay Alive' - an annual theatre presentation for Year 12 students
  • Road safety theatre in education for all schools
  • Visits to children’s centres to deliver talks and give information and advice on child car seats
  • Free child car seat checks for Redbridge residents
  • Promotion of BikeSafe – skills days for motorcyclists, moped and scooter riders
  • Road safety campaigns and exhibitions
  • Attendance at various community events to promote road safety


Traffic calming measures and speed cameras
If you believe that vehicles are speeding down your road, then you can contact Redbridge Council to see if there is anything that can be done to prevent this.

Types of traffic calming measures
There are many types of traffic calming measures in Redbridge, including:

  • Speed humps (also known as sleeping policeman)
  • Raised junctions
  • Speed cushions
  • 20mph zones
  • Traffic flow in Redbridge
  • Pedestrian crossings (for example zebra crossings, pelican crossings and puffin crossings)
  • Traffic signals
  • Speed cameras


'Be Bright, Be Safe, Be Seen'
Tips on how to be bright and be seen:

  • Wear brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing as it shows up well in daylight and at dusk; bad weather and shorter daylight hours cause poor visibility, so make sure you can be seen
  • Wear reflective gear if out after dark to make sure you can be seen in car headlights
  • Clip-on reflectors, arm bands and stickers on clothes or school bags improve visibility, reflective strips can be bought to stick on bags and clothes
  • Cross at pedestrian crossings whenever you can - at night if there is no crossing near try to cross under a street light
  • If you are walking in an area which has either no or poor lighting, it is safer to carry a torch
  • Always remember to stay within the law and make sure you use lights on your bike during the dark hours.

'Be bright, be seen' forms part of Redbridge’s wider road safety campaign to help keep road users and pedestrians safe.


'Be Bright, Be Seen' online game for children
Play the - Be Bright, Be Seen, Lighten Up game now and find out more about keeping safe on the road.


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