Road safety contacts

Liz Brooker | Road Safety & Sustainable Transport Manager | 020 8314 2254 |
Graham Curtis | Road Safety & Active Travel Officer | 020 8314 2021 |
Alan Dowling | Road Safety Officer | 0208 314 2216 |
Paddy Swift | School Sustainable Transport Officer | 020 8314 8078 |

Elected members 

Cllr C Webley-Brown |
Cllr J Paschoud |

Road safety in schools
Road safety advice and information is available for schools in the borough. For lesson plans and work programmes contact the road safety team.

Children's Traffic Club London
The Children's Traffic Club London has been specifically developed by TfL to educate pre-school children, their parents and carers in basic road safety skills, making them safer road users of the future. It uses the latest digital technology to deliver the programme on pcs and hand held devices, while retaining an element of the more traditional printed books often used with this age group.

By introducing the concept of road safety at this early age we ensure that London's future road users understand the importance of road safety and how to keep safer when travelling around the capital.

The club also promotes the use of more sustainable modes of transport and the benefits of walking, scooting and cycling.

For more information and/or to enrol visit the CTC London website.

20mph speed limit
A borough-wide 20mph speed limit come into effect in September 2016. A large part of the borough was already in a 20mph speed limit zone, this scheme simply extended the limit to the remaining borough roads. The borough-wide limit is part of the work towards supporting the Vision Zero target of creating a culture where road casualties are considered unacceptable, it is expected to bring about a culture change over time where it becomes ‘socially unacceptable’ to drive more than 20mph in Lewisham, in the same way as drink driving or not wearing a seat belt currently is. Following the introduction of the speed limit we are monitoring speeds in order to ensure the roads that create the greatest risk to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists are made safer.

20mph-alternativeWhy introduce a 20mph borough-wide speed limit?
Slower speeds are safer for all road users. 20mph speed limits encourage more considerate driving, leading to safer streets for all road users but in particular cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Analysis has shown that lower speeds reduce the risk and severity of road collisions for drivers and their passengers too.

Reducing traffic speed also helps people feel more confident about being on their local streets. This will result in more children walking to school and elderly people feeling more able to travel independently and safely.

On the whole, calmer road speeds help to make walking and cycling more attractive leading to less traffic congestion, better health, less noise, more social interaction and stronger communities.

School Crossing Patrols
We have 30 school crossing patrol sites across the borough. School crossing patrols are on duty for an hour each morning and afternoon to help younger pupils travelling to and from school each day.

Please do respect the lollipop people in the borough and treat them with respect. If you are interested in becoming a lollipop person send your name and email address to

School Travel Plans
A school travel plan is a working document which promotes safe, healthy and sustainable travel to and from school. It allows schools to improve their pupils' health and social development - and to reduce traffic congestion.

Schools that create and  implement a school travel plan  tend to have greater numbers of children walking and cycling to school. We can  provide guidance and support to the staff, parents, governors or pupils who put together the travel plan for their school.


Bikeability training for children and adults
We offer free cycle training to adults, children and young people who live in the borough.

Children's cycle lessons (age 7–13 years)
Cycle Confident runs free cycle lessons for children aged 7–13 years. There are sessions for children who cannot ride a bike, and other sessions for children who can already cycle. The sessions take place in an off-road venue in small groups during the school holidays.

Young teenager cycle lessons (age 13–17 years)
A one-to-one lesson with a qualified instructor. These lessons are perfect for giving you the knowledge you need to start cycling to school. Trainees must be accompanied by an adult aged over 18 years.

One-to-one adult cycle training (18 years and over)
Adults can book one free two-hour one-to-one session covering on- and off-road cycling. This is ideal for people who have never ridden a bike and want to learn to ride, or who already ride on roads but are looking to improve confidence and road craft, such as dealing with roundabouts and filtering traffic.

Route-signCycle loan scheme
If you live, work or study in Lewisham, finding out if cycling suits you has never been easier. For just £10 you can borrow a quality bike for a month. We include a helmet, bike lock and high visibility vest so you're ready to ride. And if, at the end of the month, you want to buy your bike, we can offer some great discounts.

Click here to find out more.

Bikesafe (motorcycling)

Join a professional police motorcyclist for a free one-day bike skills day. It will give you greater enjoyment of your ride and add to your confidence and your skills.

What does the day involve?
Taking your skill and experience into account, you will be given advice and guidance on how to become a more confident rider and enjoy a neater, smoother ride. The professional police motorcyclists are all keen bikers and will share tips on what makes a good rider.

You will learn more about:

  • hazard perception
  • vanishing points
  • gear selection
  • making yourself visible

Click here to book your free place.

Child car seat safety
Ever struggled with fitting a child car seat? Not sure you are doing it correctly? Maybe you just want reassurance that you have done everything you can to protect your little one in the car?

So If you are a new parent or becoming a parent soon , a grandparent or even just helping a friend out with child care and as a result fitting a car seat is new to you then come along and check you are doing it properly. It is worrying when we hear that over half of all the seats checked are badly fitted!

For free and more importantly friendly advice come along to a car seat clinic where checks are carried out by Good Egg car seat specialists on behalf of the council. Click here for more information.

Motorcyclists - CBT course

Lewisham Council organises a training initiative which sets out to increase the basic road awareness and safety of young motorcyclists in the borough.

The pre CBT course is an online course available through LMRT ( London Motorcycle Rider Training) it was developed in partnership with New View Consultants, open to 16-25 year olds who live, work or study in Lewisham.

The course covers the issue of visibility, both from a driver’s perspective and from the rider’s view. The aim is to highlight the importance of ‘vision for all road users, seeing with the brain’. It also covers managing anticipation and hazards, through the use of video clips filmed on roads in the local area.

2Wheels London

Lewisham Council works in close partnership 2Wheels London - an organisation which helps London boroughs and local businesses to provide powered two-wheeler (PTW) riders with useful safety information and advice.


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