Road safety contacts

Joe Baker | Head of Carbon Management
Wendy Thorogood | Active Travel & Health Officer (Stars)
Halema Uddin | Active Travel & Health Officer (Road Safety)
Dilek Sabri | Active Travel & Health Officer (Cycling) |

T: 020 8489 1417 | F: 020 8489 1251

Elected members 

Cllr M Hakata |
Cllr L Morris |

Haringey Council promotes road safety through education and training and by introducing road safety schemes.

School travel
School Crossing Patrols ensure that travel to and from school is as safe as possible for local children. Patrols who working at their official site and wearing the correct uniform are authorised to stop the traffic for anyone who wishes to cross the road.

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Traffic schemes
Traffic management schemes - including speed humps, chicanes, width restrictions and roundabouts - are introduced to solve a problem which has been identified in one or more roads. The need for a scheme can be identified in a variety of ways including, for example, a bad accident record or the concerns of residents which prompt an investigation.

Road safety consultations
We consult residents for their views before introducing any new road safety schemes. The 'road safety consultations page' on the Haringay Council website has details of current and recent consultations.

Speed limits
A borough wide 20mph limit in now in operation throughout Haringay.

Speed limits are introduced to ensure greater road safety. Traffic speeds are sometimes too fast in our residential and local shopping streets. This can stop more people walking and cycling and can increase the number and severity of accidents. Research shows that there will be fewer accidents, and they will be less severe, if traffic is travelling at lower speeds.

Future plans
We recognise that 20mph speed limits are a long term plan, and that changing drivers' attitudes and behaviours to encourage them to drive at a lower speed will take time.

We will continue to promote the 20mph limit to raise awareness of it, and will work in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and the local community, focusing on educating all roads users on the importance of road safety to achieve a cultural change and safety benefits for all.

Pedestrian crossings
To encourage people to walk and to improve safety we are installing pedestrian crossings at more locations than ever before.

The different types of crossing include:

  • Puffin crossings
  • Pelican
  • Zebra
  • Toucan
  • Pedestrian refuges


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