Road safety contacts

Mark Bunting | Principal Road Safety Officer |
Ann Grant | School Crossing Patrol Supervisor | 020 8921 8411
Camilla Olofsson | School Travel Plan Co-ordinator | 020 8921 8190
John Butcher | Area Safety Officer | 020 8921 4817

Elected members 

Councillor David Gardner |

Child car seats
The safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child seat suitable for their weight, age and size. A child car seat check day in Greenwich revealed that nearly eight out of 10 seats needed some form of adjustment.


Parents and carers can receive advice on the purchase and fitting of car seats from the road safety education team. This will help you to comply with the law but, more importantly, it helps ensure that children get maximum protection when travelling in cars. More...

Road safety and young people
The road safety education team uses both innovative and traditional ways to promote road safety to young people. More...


Road safety education
Our road safety education programme aims to inform, educate and provide information about keeping safe within the borough. More...

Nursery and school visits
We make regular nursery and primary school visits to promote road safety. Through role-play and stories, we show young children how to keep safe when they are out and about. The key messages we impart during our nursery visits include:

  • Hold hands
  • Stay on the pavement
  • Stand on the pavement at the kerb
  • Stop, look, listen
  • Find a safe place to cross.

Primary schools
During our visits to primary schools we teach pedestrian skills through role-play and problem-solving activities.

Young people
We offer advice and information to young people who are working towards taking their driving test, and to those who have just passed the test. We work with schools to provide safe and responsible choices for young people relating to traffic and travel.

Cycle training
Our cycle training team provides professional cycle training in schools, as well as free lessons during the summer months which are open to anyone aged 10 years or older.

Special needs support
We also support adults and children with special needs. We aim to promote safe, independent travel for all residents.

School crossing patrols
School crossing patrols make sure that pedestrians cross the road safely during the school day. The Royal Borough of Greenwich has more than 50 school crossing patrols. More...


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