Road safety contacts

Alex Kidd | Senior Road Safety Officer | 020 8379 8548

F: 020 8379 4001 | E:

Elected members

Cllr Rick Jewell |
Cllr Pat Gregory |

Enfield Council Road Safety team is offering free Momentum assessments (worth £40) to 16-26 years-olds in the Borough. The programme could be a young driver’s first step to becoming an IAM advanced driver. Benefits of the scheme include:

  • Becoming a better and safer driver
  • A discounted cost to join the IAM’s advanced driver programme
  • A likely reduction in your car insurance cost

This scheme is also an opportunity for you to improve your driving skills to face unexpected challenges on the road. The assessment will begin with an online questionnaire to understand your driving style. Next, you will have a one hour driving session with a qualified IAM instructor who will provide personalised tips to help you become a more confident driver.

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Cycle Enfield
Cycle Enfield believes that enabling more of us to use bicycles, rather than cars, for more of our local journeys, can help make Enfield an even better place to live – better for everyone. Change won’t happen overnight, but there are some great opportunities.

In-car safety

Free Child Car Seat Checks
Enfield Council is planning a series of free car seat checks for parents during 2016 to ensure they have the correct child restraints for their child and vehicle.

Pedestrian crossings
We provide several types of crossing points for pedestrians.

Controlled crossing points have official traffic signals and include:

  • zebra crossing with flashing beacons
  • pelican, puffin and toucan crossings with traffic lights and pedestrian warnings

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Road Safety 
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Silver Street