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The City of London Corporation is committed to improving safety for all road users in the Square Mile. They have a strategic five-year Road Danger Reduction plan that sets out the key aims and objectives towards delivering Vision Zero. This forms part of the City Corporation’s wider Transport Strategy to ensure that we work together towards Healthy Streets and ensuring all deaths and serious injuries will be eliminated from London's transport network.

The Road Danger Reduction team works in close partnership with various partners to provide guidance and bespoke information to people who live, work and visit the Square Mile. With their partners they encourage safe active travel, safer speeds, safer streets, safer vehicles and safer behaviours.

Although there are very few schools in the Square Mile, the team provide comprehensive programmes to educate school children and help schools host events and raise awareness of road dangers. Children enjoy a fun-packed programme while being taught valuable skills.

Active City Network
The City of London has a very large working population and the City Corporation’s Active City Network aims to establish a communication channel to both talk to and get feedback from employers about initiatives planning in the City to support safer active commuting. Through the Network, their partners can receive free services and training, and they invite all businesses in the Square Mile to join the Active City Network.

Why encourage more staff to walk and cycle to work and for business travel more safely, more often?

  • Improve staff fitness and health
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve punctuality
  • Improve productivity
  • Create safer streets for all

Cycling in the Square Mile
Cycling in the City of London has quadrupled in the last 20 years. It has great advantages for health, wellbeing and the environment and is central to the Transport Strategy. The City was one of the first local authorities to implement a 20 mph speed limit to reduce the dangers from speeding vehicles on the street. The City has also developed a network of Quietways and permeability routes and offer skills training to encourage more people to cycle. To find out more, visit their cycling page.

Riding Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters
The third most vulnerable road users in the City of London are Power Two Wheel (P2W) riders. The City of London's Road Danger Reduction Team and the City of London Police offer advice and guidance to riders. They run events, workshops and seminars to raise awareness and support national campaigns. To find out more, visit their website.

Driving in the Square Mile
​The City Corporation is the highway authority for the streets in the City of London except for the Red Routes, which are managed by Transport for London. The Square Mile has one of the highest densities of pedestrians and cyclists in the UK at peak times so drivers need to take extra care. The City of London has a 20mph speed limit, contra flow cycle lanes, timed closures on certain streets and more... Drivers need to be alert, especially for people walking and cycling. Find out more on driving in the Square Mile.



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