Road safety contacts

Jaqueline Saunders | Policy and Smarter Travel Team Manager
Steve Hands | Road Safety Officer & School Crossing Patrol Manager
Paul Davis | Transport Planner (Work Place Travel & Campaigns & Events)
Richard Riddle | Road Safety Officer (Cycle Training)
Bev Cain | Road Safety Officer (Pedestrian Skills Training & Young Drivers)
Fiona La Crette | Road Safety Officer (Pedestrian Skills Training & Vulnerable Groups)
Michelle Jamieson | School Travel Officer (STP)
Ben Knowles | Cycle to School Officer

T : 0207 974 2765

Elected members 

Cllr M Eslamdoust |

Campaigns and events

camden-cyclistsWe take part in and promote a number of key campaigns including Walk to Work Week/National Walking Month,  Bike Week (June annually), Cycle to Work Day (September annually), and European Mobility Week (September annually). Other Dr Bike and cycling events are held throughout the year including Exchanging Places events, and bike marking and these are promoted through the Cycle Camden Facebook Page. Walk to School promotions and National Road Safety Week are also promoted during the year.

Social media
We engage people in cycling and riding more often through social media including Facebook as well as promotions through Love Camden and Twitter. The social media work aims to promote our cycle skills courses, maintenance classes, ride opportunities, and current news and events with regard to everyday cycling and cycle sport. The promotion of consultations relating to the provision of new cycle infrastructure is also an important part of social media activity. Key campaigns such as Bike Week, Exchanging Places and Cycle to Work Day are also promoted through social media.

Cycle training
We deliver free Bikeability training in schools. From our Cycle Hub in NW3 we also deliver courses for adults and beginner children. We also offer individual on-road sessions with an instructor for more experienced cyclists.

School Crossing Patrols
We have 10 School Crossing Patrols providing safe crossing points for Camden’s school children.

Pedestrian skills training


This training seeks to reduce child pedestrian injuries by giving children the skills and knowledge to make independent journeys more safely.  The training is highly interactive, enabling children to acquire road safety language, skills and attitudes.  We target Year 5 because of their growing independence and the need to reach them before secondary school when pedestrian injury rates peak (11-14 year olds). Pedestrian skills supports School Travel Plans and the National Healthy Schools Programme and promotes walking as a healthy travel mode.

Van and lorry safety
We use our procurement and planning mechanisms to reduce the risk that commercial vehicles such as vans and lorries may pose to vulnerable road users. Our work related road risk terms require our contractors to be a minimum Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) bronze accredited (or equivalent), install safety equipment to vehicles, report collisions, check drivers licenses and ensure their drivers undertake relevant driver training. We are also a champion of the Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety (CLOCS) standard and have stipulated this as a planning requirement for private developments in the borough. We monitor compliance by completing checks on vehicles, drivers and operations and can take enforcement action if necessary. Our own vehicle fleet is also gold accredited under the FORS scheme.

School Travel Plans
Our school travel plan officer works closely with schools in Camden to encourage sustainable travel on the school run. Using the TfL STARS (Sustainable, Travel, Active, Responsible, Safe) website, staff in schools are asked to input their schools’ travel plans. We help schools to encourage staff, pupils and parents to travel to school more sustainably and actively, by providing free initiatives (e.g pedestrian skills/cycle/scooter training) and funding for cycle/scooter storage as well as engineering measures around the school if required.

Somers Town Cycle to School Project
Our cycle to school officer works closely with schools in Somers Town to boost levels of cycling in the area. This project includes running events and initiatives to raise interest in cycling, as well as providing training for children and parents, putting in cycle parking in conjunction with other officers, and working with engineers to ensure that road redesigns in the area help facilitate children cycling. Much of the work is done in partnership with schools, local businesses, volunteers and groups.

'Dying To Ride and Drive' workshop
This is a hard-hitting road safety workshop delivered to Camden’s Sixth Form students. It was created through the partnership of Camden’s Smarter Travel Team and Dorset Police - Safety, Education & Enforcement Service. The workshop supports Camden’s commitment to reduce road casualties among young people aged 16-19 years. It offers sixth formers in-depth guidance and support in riding and driving, which ties in with the PSHE/ Citizenship curriculum. The knowledge enables young people to be safer road users of mopeds, scooters and cars. The workshop is also designed to make them think of the impact of unsafe actions on their parents, family and friends. Issues addressed include drink/drug driving, speeding, seat belts, cycle helmets and mobile phone usage.

Theatre in Education
We currently work with Stopwatch Watch Theatre Company, Immediate Theatre Company and Arc Theatre Company to provide road safety performances and workshops to Years 1 and 6 and to Secondary Schools.


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