Road safety contacts

Elaine Beadle | Road Safety Manager
Louise French | Team Leader
Dan Beckett | Team Leader
Louise Shafi | Road Safety Officer
Rosie Tullett | Road Safety Officer
Margaret Morton | Road Safety Officer
Val Currie | Road Safety Officer
Rosina Denton | Road Safety Officer
April French | Road Safety Officer
Helen Martin | Support Officer
Michaela Strange | Cycle Training Officer
Kelly Padwick | Cycle Training Officer
Lindsay Bryan | Cycle Training Officer
Joe Webb | Cycle Training Officer
Nathan Campbell | Cycle Training Officer
Tim Davies | Cycle Training Officer
Fiona Macdonald | Cycle Training Officer
David Jarred | Cycle Training Officer
Sarah Smith | Travel Plan Advisor
Jo Loveridge | Travel Plan Advisor
Estelle Newton | Travel Plan Advisor

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Elected members 

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Cycle training

Adult and family cycle training
We offer free Bikeability courses for children and adults of all abilities, from absolute beginners who have never ridden a bike before to people that need to build bike-handling skills appropriate to their level of experience.

Cycle maintenance course
Do your gears jump? Do your brakes stop you? We can help you fix these problems. Our course will give you the skills so that you can maintain and enjoy cycling your bike.

Child cycle training
Bikeability cycle training is offered to children who live or attend school in Bromley. We offer a variety of Bikeability modules depending on your child’s age and skill level.


Cycling and walking to school

School travel plans
We work with the majority of schools in Bromley to promote travelling to school by methods other than the car, the main objectives being to reduce congestion and improve safety outside school. We also support schools to become accredited under a national recognition scheme called STARs to Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Walk on Wednesday – WoW
This scheme aims to reduce traffic congestion at peak times and help improve the health and fitness of pupils within Bromley. WoW encourages children and their parents not to use their cars for one day of the week as part of their school's travel plan.

Walking Bus
The Walking Bus is a safe way to take children to and from school. Parents act as 'drivers' and 'conductors' as the kids walk in crocodile fashion. Good for the children, their health and the environment.


Driver and motorcycle training
We offer training and advice to drivers of cars, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters of all ages.

Moped and scooter rider safety
'Powered Two Wheelers,' or scooters, are very popular with young teenagers as a means of independent travelling. Unfortunately, they are also among the high statistics of road crashes. Bromley's Road Safety Officers are tackling this with a course of sessions in secondary schools, aimed at reducing these figures.

Advanced motorcycling
Advanced motorcycling is all about getting from A to B as quickly and with as much fun as possible. Advanced riding is about doing this safely. It doesn't take much to write off a bike or a rider.

Driving courses
These courses are a must for everyone who wants to be a good role model and to pass on the skills to keep your family safe. Everyone who drives can benefit from our complete driving courses which will help to:

  • Update your driving skills and knowledge
  • Build confidence
  • Learn defensive driving skills
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs
  • All weather driving tips



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