Road safety contacts

Debbie Huckle | Team Leader Safety and Travel Planning
Alison Bennett | Road Safety Officer
Valerie Springer | Senior STP and Cycling Officer

T: 020 8937 5600 | E: transportation@brent.gov.uk

Elected members 

Cllr Krupa Sheth| cllr.krupa.sheth@brent.gov.uk
Cllr Shama Tatler | cllr.shama.tatler@brent.gov.uk

We provide advice and run a series of campaigns and initiatives to help people travel safely on roads across Brent, including the following:

secondaryschool_924Safer routes to school programme
Our Safer Routes to School (SRtS) programme raises travel awareness in children and encourages them to travel to school safely by sustainable means such as cycling or walking.

SRtS couples an 'in school' education programme focussing on safe and sustainable (non-car) modes of travel to and from school with small-scale works on streets near a school such as keep clear markings.

School Crossing Patrols

We operate a network of school crossing patrols outside Brent's schools. Patrols are authorised to stop the traffic for anyone who wishes to cross the road, as long as they are working at their official site and wearing the correct uniform.

Schools now fund the service and we are responsible for the recruitment, training and supervision of the staff. There are currently 21 school crossing patrol sites in Brent.

Cycle training for school children
We provide awareness information as well as cycle proficiency training and education from ages two to 16 years via our cycling instructor schools training programme.


School safer roads campaign
This campaign highlights the illegal and dangerous driving practices that put our schoolchildren at risk every day. You can do your bit to keep children safe by following the three golden rules:

  • Don't park on zig zag lines outside schools
  • Don't talk or text on your mobile phone whilst driving
  • Make sure you and your passengers buckle up your seatbelts for every journey

We hand out safety leaflets outside schools to reinforce these messages as well as providing a school specific booklet..

On2Wheels is our new campaign to cut motorcycle and scooter accidents in Brent. We're teaching riders how to stay safe by asking them to ensure they always:

  • Look and look again
  • Be bright and cover up
  • See and be seen

These messages highlight how a few simple steps can help motorcyclists and scooter riders reduce their risks of near misses or serious collisions on the road.


Safety and Travel Planning Team 
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