Road deaths fall to record low in 2018

TfL vision zero

The number of people killed on London’s roads fell to the lowest level on record in 2018, new statistics show.

Casualty statistics published by TfL on 25 July show there were 111 deaths and 3,954 serious injuries on the Capital’s road network last year.

People walking, cycling and riding motorcycles made up around 80% of all people killed on London’s roads, with 90 deaths.

As a result, TfL says it will continue to focus efforts on making streets safer for the people most at risk.

Among its priorities is developing the world’s first standard to eliminate ‘lethal’ blind spots from HGVs, transforming dangerous junctions and investing in protected cycling route.

Stuart Reid, director of Vision Zero at TfL, said: “2018 saw the lowest number of deaths on record, but we cannot rest on our laurels. 

“It is not acceptable for even one person to die or to be seriously injured on our roads and we are working tirelessly with our partners to reach our Vision Zero target.

“We’re calling on everyone across London to take care while travelling and look out for each other, as safe behaviours can save countless lives and prevent families, friends and entire communities of people from experiencing this unnecessary suffering.”

Vision Zero week
The statistics have been published part way through Vision Zero week (22-28 July) – organised by the mayor and TfL to mark a year since the launch of the Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from London’s streets by 2041.

To help raise the profile of Vision Zero, TfL is running a video campaign with victims of road trauma to show that behind every statistic there’s a real life story.

Stuart Reid added: “Too many lives and communities in London are blighted by road trauma.

“We must see this for the issue it is and do everything we can to prevent this devastation from happening.

“So much work has gone into Vision Zero already this year, but we all have so much more to do and we won’t stop until we achieve Vision Zero.”

25 July 2019