LRSC expands its social network

The London Road Safety Council has added LinkedIn and Instagram to its portfolio of social media channels.

The two new channels have been set up in order to help the LRSC expand its reach to different audiences.

They will also complement the LRSC’s existing channels, Twitter and Facebook, which have 721 and 1,052 followers respectively.

Click the following links to connect with the LRSC on:

Max Moorcock, the LRSC’s press officer, said: “Social media already plays such an important role in our online communications, through our established Facebook and Twitter pages.

“However, to keep progressing we feel it is important to have a presence on both LinkedIn and Instagram.

“LinkedIn will help us connect with road safety professionals – while we hope Instagram will help us open a door to a new audience.

“We hope you will come and connect with us!”

14 April 2022