Hammersmith pupils complete free cycling course

Pupils in Hammersmith and Fulham enjoyed a week of cycling fun during the Easter holidays, with one describing how they now feel “ready to take on the road”.

Funded by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, the training course taught eight young cycling protégés all about cycle and road safety while boosting their confidence on the bikes.

The two-hour-sessions catered to 10-and-11-year-olds of mixed abilities. Both beginners as well as more seasoned cyclists took part.

“I had so much fun and learned a lot,” said Ava Headman, aged 11 years. “They even showed us some new tricks!” added Maddie Nafi.

Meanwhile Rayan Mohamed, 11, joined the course to brush up on her cycling skills. “I learned how to stay safe,” she said – adding “I feel like I’m ready to take on the road now!”

Hammersmith and Fulham council says cycling is a ‘fun, wallet-friendly and an all-around convenient’ way to travel within and beyond the borough. 

It provides a range of training opportunities through professional, experienced instructors to local families, schools and holiday clubs, to encourage safe and confident cycling from a young age.

Rob James, one of the instructors, said: “It’s fascinating to train children; they catch on so fast. But training adults is equally rewarding.

“Some of them have been trying to get into cycling their whole lives. And suddenly you see them around the borough, riding on the road and using their bikes for their daily commutes. It’s fantastic.”

21 April 2022