Hackney powers up electric vehicle charging network

The first of 2,500 new electric vehicle chargers in Hackney has been installed in Hoxton, as part of one of the country’s biggest rollouts of EV charging infrastructure.

Hackney Council is working with its partner Zest on the rollout, which aims to ensure everyone in Hackney ‘has access to high quality EV charging’

The move is part of the council’s commitment to decarbonise the transport system in the borough – a key goal in its climate action plan – which will help to tackle pollution and reduce the borough’s impact on climate change. 

The charger at Follingham Court is the first of 830 lower power chargers ideal for overnight charging scheduled to be installed this year, with another 670 following by 2026. 

Additionally, 1,000 freestanding chargers capable of charging at between seven and 22kW – enough to top up an EV battery in a few hours – will also be installed during this time. 

Zest is funding the programme, providing and operating all 2,500 new chargers. 

The company is backed by the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, a Government sponsored public-private fund designed to scale-up open-access, public EV charging networks in the UK.

The rollout has been informed by the views of more than 2,000 local residents who requested electric charging near them.

Hackney Council says pavements will be kept free of charging infrastructure to maintain accessibility for pedestrians. The charge points will be mounted on existing lampposts, or installed in parking bays.

All of the charging points will use 100% renewable energy.

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport, said: “The switch to EVs will help tackle pollution and create a greener, healthier Hackney.

“While we’re proud that Hackney has one of the highest proportions of people walking, cycling and taking public transport in London, this country-leading rollout will help those who need to drive to switch to EVs.

“The council has used its procurement power to do this in a way that works for Hackney – with chargers placed in lampposts or in parking bays, not the pavement, and by ensuring that all our estates and neighbourhoods benefit from the rollout.”

26 March 2024