Cyclists and lorry drivers swap saddles and seats to enhance understanding

Cyclists and lorry drivers are swapping places as part of a series of events taking place across Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) this month to highlight the challenges they both face on London’s roads.

The H&F events are part of the Met Police’s ‘Exchanging Places’ scheme which runs across London to raise awareness of cyclists’ safety.

As part of Exchanging Places, cyclists are invited to sit in a lorry cab and appreciate the complexities of the driver’s task negotiating London traffic, including giving cyclists a ‘driver’s eye’ view of blind spots. The council’s road safety team is also on hand to give out leaflets and advice on cycle safety.

James Cracknell OBE, former Olympic rowing champion and president of The London Road Safety Council, attended the first Exchanging Places event in H&F, and more than 60 cyclists were present when it was held at Shepherds’ Bush Green.

Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Council, said: “We want to make our roads safer for everyone who uses them and these Exchanging Places events are helping cyclists and lorry drivers see the world from each other’s perspective. Hopefully this increased awareness will reduce collisions.”