Cycleway 4 a ‘vital part’ of TfL’s commitment to cycling

Cyclists travelling along Cycleway 4

TfL and Southwark Council have completed work on a new section of Cycleway 4, which connects London Bridge to Greenwich. 

The new section of Cycleway 4 on Lower Road includes 1.3km of protected two-way cycle lanes, which connects the previously completed sections on Jamaica Road and Evelyn Street. 

As well as the new Cycleway, a new signalised pedestrian crossing has been installed outside the entrance to Southwark Park, in a bid to further improve pedestrian safety and accessibility. 

Cycleway 4 now connects central London and Greenwich, with further connections to Cycleways 10 and 14, and has eight new and 28 upgraded pedestrian crossings along the route in total, along with six Santander Cycles docking stations.  

TfL describes the route as a vital part of its commitment to expand the cycle network, making it ‘safer, easier and more affordable’ for people to travel around London.

The completion of Cycleway 4 means that TfL and London boroughs will have quadrupled the size of the strategic cycle network since 2016.

Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, said: “I’m delighted that work on Cycleway 4 is now complete, meaning people cycling can travel more easily and safely from London Bridge all the way to Greenwich. 

“Its completion also means the mayor, TfL and London boroughs will hit the milestone of quadrupling the size of the strategic cycle network from 90km in 2016 to over 360km by the end of this month.

“Improving our infrastructure and making cycling as accessible as possible for accessible Londoners lies at the heart of the mayor’s vision for a safer and greener London for everyone.”

08 March 2024