Camera enforcement to protect Hackney residents from traffic

Drivers in Hackney now face fines for driving through the Ashenden Road traffic filter, a move designed to support people walking and cycling in the local area.

The filter on Ashenden Road is one of three installed in the Homerton area to protect local residents from high levels of traffic using residential roads.

They are part of Hackney Council’s plans to rebuild a greener borough after the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting all residents – including the 70% of households who do not own a car – to walk and cycle locally.

All of the measures have been introduced for a trial period of 18 months under experimental traffic orders – with local residents encouraged to have their say online or in writing. This is in line with guidance from the DfT and TfL.

Residents’ views will be considered alongside traffic monitoring before a decision is made on whether or not to make schemes permanent.

Anyone driving through the Ashenden Road traffic filter – which is fully signposted with DfT approved signs – will face a fine of £130, reduced to £65 if paid within two weeks. 

Cllr Jon Burke, cabinet member for energy, waste, transport and public realm, said: “Our plans to rebuild a greener Hackney will support all local people to walk and cycle as capacity on public transport remains significantly below pre-lockdown levels. 

“Since 2009, the number of miles driven on Hackney’s roads has increased by 40 million annually. Over the same period, the use of ‘satnav’ technology has led to a doubling in the amount of cars using London’s residential roads as shortcuts. This is simply not sustainable.

“We don’t want to make a penny from Hackney’s drivers, but local residents have told us that drivers continue to use Ashenden Road as a shortcut. 

“Camera enforcement is therefore necessary to discourage drivers from ignoring closure signs – and to tackle the road casualty and air pollution crises that Hackney faces.”

06 November 2020