Westminster trials 20mph limits at 38 schools

20mph zone pic

The City of Westminster has rolled out 20mph speed limits at 38 schools in the borough as part of a year-long trial.

The new limits, which came into effect yesterday (4 September), are part of a borough-wide drive to create a ‘safer, healthier and more pleasant’ environment.

The council hopes that the programme, which is supported by the Met Police, will help increase walking and cycling and make vulnerable road users – including cyclists, older people and school children – feel safer.

As part of the trial, the council will consult with local schools, residents and businesses. To assist in evaluating its impact, speed and traffic flow data will be gathered from more than 70 sensors across the trial roads.

Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) will be used to remind drivers and riders to adhere to the new limit.

The 38 schools included in the trial will also receive a road safety education programme which will include a school banner competition, theatre show, lessons and on-road pedestrian training to help engage and inform pupils about the changes.

The 20mph trial and data collection will last a year and the results will be used to inform decisions relating to the rollout of more of 20mph limits across Westminster.

Cllr Danny Chalkley, cabinet member for city highways said:

“The trial supports Westminster’s aim of improving the public realm for all road users and we hope that more people will be encouraged to walk and cycle.

“By placing schools at the centre of the trial, we are ensuring a safer environment for our youngest residents. “We are encouraged by the high level of support received for the trial from residents.”

5 September 2017