Walking Tube map extended to include Zone 3 stations

LRSC walking map zones 1 to 3

Transport for London has launched two extended versions of its Walking Tube map in an effort to help more people achieve higher levels of active travel.

Launched to mark the Capital’s first ‘major’ walking conference, which took place on 17 March, the new maps are designed to help those travelling outside of central London.

The maps include Zone 3 stations for the first time, with estimated walking time and steps between stations. The maps also now also include National Rail stations – ‘giving people even more opportunity to easily save time on everyday journeys on foot’.

First launched in 2015, the Walking Tube map was produced to show how easy it is to walk between popular central London tube stations.

In September 2016, it was updated to show how many steps it takes to walk between stations in Zones 1 and 2.

The maps, which are available to download online, are part of an initiative to make London one of the world’s ‘most walkable cities’, and in turn help tackle the growing problem of air pollution.

Leon Daniels, managing director, surface transport, TfL, said: “We recognise the influence that travel choices have on how healthy people can be in London. If we do things differently, such as helping to reduce car use by providing nicer places to walk, live and work, we can help deliver amazing health benefits to Londoners.

“Our new Walking Tube map is designed to help people who want to get more active and try making more of their journey round on foot.”

23 March 2017