Two new Cycle Superhighways to be consulted on in 2017

Val Shawcross, London’s deputy mayor for transport, has announced a number of extensions to the Cycle Superhighway network, including plans for consultation on two new routes.

Speaking at the London Cycling Campaign’s AGM on 15 October, Ms Shawcross revealed that CS4 and CS9 would be consulted on in 2017.

She reiterated TfL’s ongoing commitment to cycling, showing support for CS11, the North-South extension and the East-West extension, although she admitted the latter may potentially be ‘rerouted’.

Ms Shawcross also suggested that the time had come to move beyond a few ‘disjointed’ high-quality schemes, with a focus on a ‘strategic cycle network’ to further encourage a modal shift.

Ms Shawcross went on to reject recent media reports suggesting that cycling is the cause of congestion. She told London Cycling Campaign members that campaign groups have a vital role to play in educating and supporting local authority councillors and officers, thereby helping to overcome the challenges of local delivery.

She added that growth in many boroughs, naming Kingston specifically, had been “held back by car-dominated layout”, adding that it is time to move ‘past the combustion engine era, from a car city to a people city’.

Ms Shawcross also suggested the appointment of a cycling and walking commissioner will herald a new approach, with more engagement. She described Waltham Forest’s mini-Holland scheme as “fabulous”, but said the new commissioner would need to be in office before the next wave of mini-Hollands come to fruition.

24 October 2016