Survey suggests support for Capital’s cycle lanes

TFL cycle superhighway

80% of motorists support the construction of new cycle lanes in the Capital, a recent survey has claimed (Evening Standard).

The survey, carried out by the online vehicle repairer Servicing Stop, asked nearly 1,500 drivers whether reducing road space to allow for more bike lanes was a good idea.

Just 20% of respondents disagreed with building more cycle lanes in London, with a third saying that narrowing roads to make way for cycle lanes ‘makes them safer’. Only 7% of respondents described cutting road space to make way for new cycle lanes as ‘completely unnecessary’, while 13% said that segregated lanes create more congestion.

71% said sharing roads with cyclists in places where there are no segregated lanes did not bother them at all, a finding which the website describes as ‘interesting’, given the ‘outrage from taxi drivers in the Capital at the plans for more segregated cycle infrastructure’.

TfL has rolled out a number of cycle superhighways across the city, as part of a £900m project to improve cycling infrastructure and encourage more Londoners to take to two wheels.

The Evening Standard says the TfL initiative has been met with criticism from some quarters, including a trial cycle lane through Bloomsbury which it says sparked a ‘fierce battle’ between cyclists and taxi drivers.

Photo: TfL via Flickr.

25 April 2017