‘State-of-the-art’ sensor technology installed on Hackney’s buses

Hackney SEN bus 1

Hackney Council’s new fleet of wheelchair accessible buses have been fitted with ‘state-of-the-art’ sensor technology which can detect cyclists and warn drivers.

The 22 buses, which are used to transport children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), are fitted with two different systems both designed to improve safety.

The first is a specialist cycle safety system called ‘Cyclear’, which is designed to protect vulnerable road users by detecting passing cyclists and audibly alerting the driver.

A speaker also sounds to let cyclists and vulnerable road users know when the vehicle is turning left.

Hackney is the only local authority to install the system on its buses.

The second new safety feature is a four camera recordable system that will allow council officers to review footage in the event of an accident or near miss.

Hackney SEN bus

The decision to install the technology on the new buses followed a year of testing.

The technology will also be installed on 24 new refuse collection vehicles due to be delivered from October 2016 and Hackney Council has also initiated a retrofit programme to its existing refuse collection vehicles.

Norman Harding, Hackney’s corporate fleet manager, said: “We have long recognised the need to take steps to improve the safety of cyclists and vulnerable road users.

“Cyclear is a reliable system and our drivers feel reassured to have the equipment on board.”

27 September 2016