Road safety team issues ‘Pokémon Go’ warning


Westminster City Council’s road safety team is issuing a warning about a potential lack of concentration among pedestrians following the launch of Pokémon Go.

Released last week (7 July), the augmented reality game allows players to capture virtual Pokémon who appear in real life locations.

Although not yet technically available in the UK, many users have found ways to download the mobile phone app which has caused a real stir worldwide.

Players are able to track the Pokémon by using the GPS on their smartphone or mobile device – which requires them to look at the screen.

With the school summer holidays on the horizon, Westminster’s road safety team is issuing a plea for those playing the game, especially children and young people, to pay attention in potentially dangerous situations such as crossing the road.

Carla Lowe, Westminster’s road safety officer, said: “Children and adults can download Pokémon Go for free. The game creates an augmented reality where players walk to different locations in real life and catch Pokémon for their collection.

“The major concern is that the player walks, cycles, or gets on/off a bus while at the same time using and watching their mobile device – with a reduced awareness for road safety.”

14 July 2016


Picture via Pokémon Go