Richmond set to introduce 20mph limits – despite inconclusive consultation

LRSC 20mph

A borough-wide 20mph limit is set to be introduced in Richmond, subject to final council approval.

Amended proposals have been submitted following a 12-week consultation, held last year, in which opinion was split down the middle – with 47.9% of respondents in favour and 49.7%  opposed to the scheme.

The consultation, which attracted nearly 10,000 responses, did however show support for 20mph limits among vulnerable road users – including 60% of people aged 75 years and older, and 65% of those aged under 19 years.

52% of respondents agreed that a 20mph limit would reduce the number and severity of collisions in the borough.

The amended proposals, which include exemptions for a number of key roads in the borough, will now go before Richmond Council’s scrutiny committee and cabinet for final approval.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, cabinet member for transport, streetscene and air quality, said:

“A majority of residents acknowledged that a borough-wide 20mph limit would improve road safety, but a small number of these residents felt unable to lend our original proposal their unreserved support.

“That is why we’ve spent time studying the consultation responses and have made meaningful changes to our proposals.”

The 20mph proposal is supported by Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, who said: “It is great to see Richmond Council looking to implement a 20mph scheme.

“The roll-out of 20mph speed limits in the borough will reduce the danger for cyclists and pedestrians. That’s an important part of putting people, and not vehicles, at the heart of our transport plans.

“Making our streets more appealing for people walking and cycling brings health benefits to all Londoners, reduces congestion and helps tackle the toxic air crisis.”

15 February 2019