Replace Congestion Charge with road pricing, report suggests


A new report is calling on Sadiq Khan to reform the Congestion Charge and replace it with a system of road pricing.

Published yesterday (19 Jan) by the London Assembly Transport Committee, ‘London Stalling’ investigates ways of reducing traffic congestion in the Capital.

The report suggests the Mayor explores a means of charging people for road usage which would target areas of congestion, at the times the congestion occurs.

It also recommends reducing restrictions on night-time deliveries as well as piloting a ban on personal deliveries for staff and a local Workplace Parking Levy.

The Assembly says it is ‘clear is that the current Congestion Charge is no longer fit for purpose’, describing it is ‘a blunt instrument using old technology that covers a tiny part of London’.

The London Assembly adds that congestion has ‘begun to increase sharply again’, not just in central London but across the Capital. It adds that traffic has slowed down and road users are spending longer stuck in delays.

In response, Val Shawcross, deputy mayor for transport, told the Transport Network: “We welcome any report that seeks to grapple with the crucial issue of congestion on our roads.

“Londoners’ livelihoods and our city’s prosperity are reliant on ensuring people can get around our city quickly and safely, and we must be smarter in how we use our roads. There are some innovative new ideas here that we will look closely at.”

Photo: courtesy of the London Assembly Transport Committee.

20 January 2017