PTW theft and ‘scooter enabled crime’ down as Met adopts new approach

Met Police PTWs

The Met Police says a combination of targeted intelligence-led operations, increased arrests and partnership working are starting to stem levels of scooter-enabled crime and violence in London.

Between July and September 2017, there was a 25% reduction in the theft of powered two wheelers (PTWs) and a 24% decrease in scooter-enabled crime.

New tactics introduced during the summer include the use of forensic tagging, four new purpose built bikes (pictured above) and mobile remote controlled stingers.

The Met Police says encouraging scooter owners to increase their security is also resulting in better secured vehicles.

The Met is now rolling-out ‘an enhanced taskforce model’, targeted at those committing the most offences, in a bid to further reduce scooter-enabled crime.

Cressida Dick, Met Police commissioner, said:

“I have been clear that tackling violence is my priority. I was angered by the apparent perception amongst some criminals that they could operate with near impunity, committing strings of offences using scooters.

“We have brought all our tactics and specialists together to use every ethical option to put a stop to the rise, arrest those responsible, disrupt offenders, dismantle the criminal markets that make these offences lucrative and change the public’s behaviour to make them a part of our effort.”


6 November 2017