Prioritising walking will ‘reduce fatalities and improve air quality’

Living Streets walking manifesto

London mayoral candidates are being challenged to make walking the ‘easiest and safest option’ for everyday journeys.

While a quarter of all trips in London are made on foot, TfL figures show pedestrians accounted for more than half (52%) of road fatalities in 2019

Meanwhile in 2018, more than 1,350 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured on the Capital’s roads.

Ahead of May’s election, the walking charity Living Streets has launched a new manifesto, calling on the next mayor to implement a series of measures to make pedestrians feel ‘relaxed and safe’.

This includes the creation of a Central London Walking Network – consisting of ‘easy, attractive and low pollution’ routes.

The manifesto also encourages the next mayor to increase the cost of driving, transform routes to school and improve crossings and junctions.

Stephen Edwards, director of policy and communications, Living Streets, said: “London is in the midst of climate, air pollution, public health and road safety crises. 

“Reducing car dominance and making walking the easiest and safest option for everyday journeys is a key part of the solution.

“Walking is often overlooked – as is the number of people who lose their lives whilst walking in our city. It’s time this changed and that measures which protect people walking were prioritised.”

06 February 2020