More rapid charging points installed across London

TfL charging points

Plans for a new network of rapid charge points for electric vehicles across the Capital have been unveiled, including 51 points solely for use by taxis.

Over the last six months, as part of the mayor of London’s efforts to encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles, TfL has installed 100 rapid charge points which can charge a vehicle in 20 to 30 minutes – compared to the seven or eight hours it takes at regular charging points.

In total, at least 150 TfL-funded rapid charge points are set to be in place by the end of 2018 – adding to the 2,000 standard charge points already installed across London.

Sadiq Khan is also encouraging more Londoners to switch to electric vehicles for personal use, as well as businesses, and says he is committed to working with the private sector to expand charging infrastructure in the Capital.

He points to research by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), which suggests that bringing forward the move to phase out sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles, from 2040 to 2030, would result in a 30% reduction in pollution in 2030.

Sadiq Khan said:

“The roll-out of rapid charging points marks a big step forward in the shift to zero-emission vehicles, which the capital desperately needs to clean up our toxic air.

“But widespread change will not happen until a sufficient charging infrastructure is in place, allowing taxi drivers, businesses and Londoners to easily make the switch.

“On my watch, TfL has already installed 100 new rapid charge points – despite only 5% of the city’s roads being under my control.

“However, we will only reach the numbers we need if the boroughs install these points on the 95% of the network in their control and TfL stands ready to help.”

09 April 2018