Meet the new LRSC Chair

LRSC Teji Barnes

Hello to all our members.

I am Cllr Teji Barnes, the new chairman of the London Road Safety Council.

I have been an elected member of the LRSC since May 2014, which is the length of time I have been a councillor. The London borough I represent is Hillingdon.

Historically, my background stemmed from the finance industry but due various decisions I trained as a life coach – helping people with their personal development.

During this time, I realised I needed to address my goals and fears too, so I started getting driver training in the evenings in order to become a full time driving instructor (ADI). I completed the training and started my own business school five and a half years ago, which is still thriving.

I successfully stood as a Conservative councillor in 2014. Getting elected opened doors for me to address – in a political arena – road safety, driver training and various residents’ issues about local transport in Hillingdon.

I then decided to carry on studying in my own time and qualified as a Level 4 Professional Driver Coach, something which I passed with flying colours.

In 2017, I undertook a diploma in counselling alcoholics and drug users (earning a distinction) – before spending 13 months as an IAM RoadSmart drink-drive coach, participating in their two and a half day course for offenders.

My entire day is consumed by road safety, driver safety, driver training, vulnerable road users. To say I live and breath it would, at times, be an understatement!

The LRSC is an excellent platform to address London-wide road safety issues, initiatives and training. Our quarterly meetings are positively buzzing, with great speakers and a healthy attendance from our members and road safety officers.

I do hope as a member, whether new or returning, you will take advantage of the opportunity to attend our meetings and conferences, details of which are displayed on this website well in advance.

I met some of you at our Annual General Meeting held in July this year; if I didn’t meet you then, I hope to do so over the coming months.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer – and see you in September at our Induction Training afternoon.