A calendar of upcoming road safety events taking place across London

 June 2017

29 June 2017
Implementing the Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy
Organised by Westminster Briefing : Central London
With the recent publication of the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, with it’s aim to double cycling by 2025, reverse the decline in walking and £300 million pledged by the Government, join this Westminster Briefing and discover how this strategy will be implement, what new funding schemes and sector-initiatives are available, and what these will mean for cyclists, pedestrians and local authorities. We will also address what makes successful cycling projects, particularly through working in partnership. More

29 June 2017
Priorities for transport in London and the South East: infrastructure, funding and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy
Organised by Policy Forum for London : Central London
Focusing on the future of the London transport network and in the context of TfL developing the Mayor’s new Transport Strategy, discussion at this conference will bring out latest thinking on challenges and opportunities around modernising the transport system to meet growing demands and the investment needed to deliver change. Delegates will also consider issues around sustainable development. More

July 2017

1 July 2017
Drink Drug Drive Day
Organised by the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM) : Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park
The aim of this training day is to look at topical matters and current practice/learning points in forensic medicine specifically in the area of drink/drug driving. The day is attended by forensic practitioners (mainly doctors but also some nurses and paramedics), police and other interested stakeholders. Click here for more information, or contact Tessa Lewis or the FFLM directly.

11 July 2017
UK Smart Cities 2017: development, implementation and policy priorities
Organised by Westminster eForum : Central London
Examining the development of smart cities technology in the UK, this conference takes place in the context of the recently published Digital Strategy to foster digital innovation and connectivity throughout the UK, including the formation of a Business Connectivity Forum and a £1bn programme to accelerate the development and uptake of next generation digital infrastructure. More

13 July 2017
Behavioural Change Course (one day)
Organised by Road Safety GB Academy • The Tomlinson Centre, Hackney
This course is designed to give road safety practitioners an insight into the world of behavioural change models and techniques, and how interventions can be developed that will look at the underlying issues associated with risk related  behaviour, and ultimately collisions.
More about this course

19 July 2017
Changes to Road Signage: One Year On
Organised by Westminster Briefing : Victoria
Changes included in Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions 2016 came into full force just over one year ago. New powers included giving councils the ability to remove road signs that are an eyesore and distract drivers. This event will explore what affect these changes have had so far and what further changes are needed. More 

September 2017

7 September 2017
Tackling Potholes and Improving Road Maintenance: Developing a Sustainable Strategy to Address Potholes on UK Roads 
Organised by Public Policy Exchange : Central London
This event will examine the latest funding allocations for the £250m Pothole Action Fund and discuss the key findings of the 2017 Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey. Delegates will gain insights into how local highway authorities can improve their public communications to provide clear and transparent road repair information, develop strategies on collaborative work across neighbouring authorities to improve efficiencies and learn more about the changes to funding structures. More

27-28 September 2017
Media Training Course (two days)
Organised by Road Safety GB Academy in partnership with Hackney Council’s Road Safety Team • The Tomlinson Centre, Hackney, London
This two-day course covers a wide range of topics including the media landscape, the role of PR and media management, writing for news and interview scenarios including TV/OB and radio. More