LRSC cartoon emphasises need for road users to pay attention

June cartoon

The third in a series of road safety cartoons produced by the LRSC encourages road users to pay attention to the road, irrespective of what is going on around them or happening in their lives.

Designed to run during the EURO 2016 football tournament, the cartoon depicts a motorcyclist draped in an England flag, dreaming about his country scoring a goal – as opposed to looking at the road.

As a result, he is entirely unaware of a hazard – oil and grit – that appears on the road in front of him.

The cartoon is part a new campaign which uses humour to convey road safety reminders. LRSC has commissioned Steve Simpson to produce a series of cartoons to be published over the next 12 months.

The first cartoon addressed cyclists and the issue of cycling up the left hand side of HGVs. It showed a cyclist dressed in a full suit of knight’s armour, with his accomplice saying she’s ‘still not convinced it’s safe to cycle up the left side of lorries’.

Other issues to be covered in the cartoons include texting and driving, drink driving, speeding and crossing the road with children.

When launching the campaign, Liz Brooker MBE, spokesperson for LRSC, said: “Rather than telling people what they should or should not do, or attempting to scare them by showing the gory consequences of dangerous actions, this campaign encourages people to modify their behaviour through the use of humour.”

Initially the campaign is running on the LRSC Facebook page and Twitter feed, but LRSC is also considering using the cartoons to produce a calendar to mark its centenary in 2017.

30 June 2016