LRSC backs efforts to tackle drink and drug driving


The London Road Safety Council (LRSC) is backing two campaigns launched yesterday (1 Dec) to tackle the threat posed by drink and drug drivers on roads across the Capital and the rest of the country during the festive period.

The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) says police forces will be using ‘intelligence-led tactics’ and local knowledge of hotspots to detect people who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the festive period.

The enforcement campaign will run throughout December and sets out to remind motorists that even a very small amount of drugs or alcohol can affect your ability to drive safely.

In addition to targeted operations, NPCC will also be sharing social media campaigns designed by police forces, government and charity partners in a bid to educate motorists.

Chief constable Suzette Davenport, NPCC lead for roads policing, said people who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are “behaving irresponsibly and risking the safety of all road users”.

The 2017 THINK! Christmas drink drive campaign targets young males on the back of figures which show they account for almost two thirds (62%) of drink drivers killed on roads across the country.

The campaign will run on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify – with 5.4m British males aged 25-34 years on Facebook alone, the highest single demographic.


A new advert will be posted on Twitter or Facebook every day throughout December playing on the concept of FOMO, ‘fear of missing out’. The adverts aim to make it clear to young men that they have plenty to live for the following day, which they may not see if they choose to have a second drink.  

Andrew Jones, road safety minister, said the campaign is targeting “the biggest perpetrators of this devastating crime – young men”.

Wendy Brice Thompson, LRSC chair, said: “We welcome and fully support the THINK! campaign which seeks to deter people from drink driving, and the NPCC campaign to apprehend those who ignore this advice.

“We also urge drivers to be mindful of driving the morning after drinking alcohol while still unwittingly over the limit. This is a real danger, especially at this time of year when there is a tendency to drink more than usual while enjoying the festive celebrations with friends and family.”

02 December 2016