London bus trial seeks to ease congestion

London bus tech

Real-time traffic information is being displayed on the back of buses in London as part of ‘a world first’ trial by Transport for London (TfL).

Designed to help drivers avoid congestion and therefore improve the reliability and efficiency of roads, the six-month trial has started on route 344 (Clapham Junction to Liverpool Street). Later in the year it will be extended to route 415 between Tulse Hill and Liverpool Street.

GPS is being used to provide accurate and up-to-date traffic information which is being displayed on electronic boards. The information comes from from the TfL Variable Message Sign network, which is fed by TfL’s 24-hour traffic control centre.

If successful the system could be rolled out across London.

Garrett Emmerson, TfL’s chief operating officer for surface transport, said: “This innovative use of one of the Capital’s most iconic features – the London bus – will help all road users.

“We’re focused on keeping London moving and on giving drivers real-time information through a range of channels to help them avoid congested roads and reduce wasted time and needless pollution from idling cars.”

24 August 2016

Photo via TfL