London boroughs to participate in young driver pilot scheme

Good Egg press image LRSC

Two London boroughs will participate in a pilot scheme with DVSA driving test centres in a bid to reduce the number of ‘major incidents’ involving young drivers and their passengers.

The London Boroughs of Lewisham and Hillingdon are two of just six road safety teams selected to provide a free guide aimed at reducing the average of 168 road users aged 17-24 years killed or seriously injured on UK roads each month.

Created by Good Egg Drivers, the guide, entitled ‘Getting your licence and keeping it… everything you need to know’, highlights the dangers young drivers face at the wheel while providing ‘positive, practical advice’.

The guide was developed in collaboration with academics and road safety experts to provide ‘clear warnings’ on the dangers posed by passenger distraction, mobile phones, alcohol, drugs and speeding.

It also contains practical advice on matters including insurance and buying your first car.

Thousands of copies of the guide will be provided to practical test centres through road safety officers in Lewisham and Hillingdon, with support materials placed in theory test centres.

Jan James, founder of Good Egg Drivers, said:

“Collisions involving our youngest drivers are so frequent that we have, in a sense, almost become desensitised to the tragic reports we see with alarming regularity.

“Our guides are not designed to be ‘preachy’ – they are very straightforward and wholly focused on the key messages new drivers urgently need to be aware of.”

Bill Pope, head of publishing with the DVSA, said:

“Driving test centres are a great place for road safety officers and Good Egg Drivers to give young motorists extra help to stay safe on the roads.”

Cllr Alan Smith, deputy mayor of Lewisham Council, said:

“As new drivers enjoy the freedom of having a full driving licence it is vital we do everything we can to keep them safe.

“I’m therefore delighted that Lewisham is one of the six UK councils supporting the pilot rollout of the Good Egg new driver guide. By providing practical information and potentially life-saving advice to new drivers we hope it will help not only the drivers but all road users.

“Hopefully we can positively influence our newest, youngest road users – and improve safety for all.”

The other road safety teams participating in the pilot are in Edinburgh, Newcastle, York and Liverpool.

05 March 2018