It’s magic! Road safety show delivered to more than 100,000 primary pupils

Road safety magic2

A magic show which delivers road safety and sustainable travel messages to primary pupils across London is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

School Magic is a theatre in education company run by Peter Hughes, who says the show has been seen by more than 110,000 children since its inception in 2012.

The show is delivered to primary pupils in boroughs across the Capital, including Havering, where it has been running for four years. This year, School Magic will perform in 40 of Havering’s primary schools – reaching approximately 5,200 pupils.

The show is centered around eight core messages, including ‘always find a safe place to cross a road’ and ‘never fool around near roads, or on public transport’.

road safety magic 3

The magic show is supported by an interactive website with material that can be accessed by pupils, parents and teachers from any school that has seen the performance.

Pupils can access materials that support the road safety messages delivered in the show, or watch a video to learn some of the tricks from the show. Teachers can access road safety and sustainable travel  advice and statistics.

A headteacher from one primary school to see the show, said:

“The whole show was professionally presented.

“The children were keen to practice the ‘Billy Acord’ trick: they will certainly remember to wear their cycle helmets.

“Teachers found the website very easy to navigate – the presentations and worksheets are an invaluable resource in reinforcing the key messages of being safe on the roads.”

For more information, contact Peter Hughes via email, or on 01268 758505.

25 September 2017