Introducing the Met’s lead on e-scooters

Fast-tracked trials of electric scooters are set to start in June, as part of the Government’s plans to transition out of lockdown restrictions.

Speaking at the daily coronavirus briefing on (9 May), transport secretary Grant Shapps acknowledged the role electric scooters could play in helping to reduce car use on shorter journeys and taking some pressure off public transport.

This issue is particularly prevalent in London, where it is anticipated the number of commuters using buses and tubes could fall by as much as 40% from pre-lockdown levels.

The aim of the e-scooter trials are to get rental schemes up-and-running in cities ‘as fast as possible’, in order to help the Government assess their safety and impact on public spaces.

Meet the Met’s lead on e-scooters
As an emerging technology, there will of course be many questions surrounding e-scooters, relating to issues such as safety and insurance.

Sgt Steve Wilson heads the Met’s Cycle Safety Team, the only dedicated cycle safety team in the UK, whose traffic officers patrol London on marked pedal cycles.

Sgt Wilson is also the Met’s lead on e-scooters.

He has made himself available to road safety officers who have questions on e-scooters and their place in the make-up of the Capital’s transport network.

Sgt Wilson can be reached at the following email address: