Innovative solutions ‘minimise impact of roadworks’

LRSC TfL roadworks

A scheme which charges utility companies for digging up London’s roads is funding innovative solutions to tackle congestion and minimise the impact of roadworks – saving £100m in lost travel time.

In the last year, TfL has invested £6.1m in London’s road network using funding raised through its pioneering ‘Lane Rental’ scheme.

Launched in 2012, the scheme charges companies a daily fee for digging up London’s busiest roads at the busiest times and is designed to help incentivise more efficient working practices.

One of the beneficiaries of the funding is RoadLab – who has used £350,000 to develop products that make roadworks safer, smarter and more inclusive for people’s travel needs.

Other projects include trials of new sensors able to track the number of people walking and cycling at crossings – re-timing signals to give them priority at busy times.

TfL says proactive maintenance – such as the projects funding through the Lane Rental scheme – are vital to ensure that the safety of London’s roads is maintained.

In March 2019, TfL published a new handbook giving all companies who want to do work on London’s roads ‘clear guidance and innovative ideas’ on how to keep people safe around roadworks.

Glynn Barton, TfL’s director of network management, said: “Funding for roads is essential and we’re making the most of every penny available to us, maintaining a safe road network despite the loss of our operating grant and no long term funding for the maintenance of our roads.

“Schemes such as Lane Rental contribute vital extra funding, which we are carefully investing to help keep Londoners safe and to keep the capital moving.”


26 April 2019