Half of Britain’s most dangerous roads run through London

Britain dangerous roads

The 13 most dangerous roads in Britain all run through London, a new interactive map has revealed (Evening Standard).

Pinpointing the nation’s top 50 ‘accident blackspots’, the map – produced by private registration number specialists Regtransfers.co.uk – shows that 52% of the UK’s most dangerous routes are in the Capital.

Top of the list is the A1010, which runs from Tottenham to Waltham Cross and has an accident rate of 12.7 per one million vehicle-miles driven. That contrasts with the average UK rate of 1.48 for every million vehicle-miles driven.

Second on the blackspot list is the A107 linking Whitechapel and Hackney (8.38) – followed by the A105 which runs from Canonbury to Enfield town (6.75).

Regtransfers said its analysis reveals London’s roads to be three times more dangerous mile for mile than country routes.

Angela Banh, from Regtransfers, told the Evening Standard:

“When you consider how congested roads are in London you can see why the accident rate is so high, especially on the A1010, where there’s on average, 12 accidents per one million vehicle-miles driven.

“We divided the number of accidents by the amount of traffic on that road, and it reveals that the busiest roads that typically come out on top aren’t actually the most dangerous.

“It’s the roads that see more accidents per vehicle-mile which we should be most wary of — the ones drivers may actually feel safer on in comparison to a motorway or country lane.”

Also talking to the Evening Standard, Gareth Powell, managing director of surface transport for Transport for London, said:

“We are working in partnership with the police and all London boroughs to reduce road danger across the Capital, so we can achieve our Vision Zero ambition of creating a road network free from death or serious injury.

“This why we’re investing in safer junctions and removing the most dangerous HGVs from London’s roads.”


23 January 2018