Commuters encouraged to saddle up for annual cycling event

Cycle to work day

The London Cycling Campaign is encouraging commuters across the capital to get involved in Cycle to Work Day 2016, which takes place this coming Wednesday (14 September).

The annual event was first staged in 2013 by the Cycle to Work scheme, to encourage workers to take to two wheels and cycle to work for at least one day.

Across London, 10 guided rides will set off from different locations and accompany people to central points in the city.

Each ride will be coordinated by an experienced cyclist and supported by volunteer marshals to help first time cycle commuters to learn a route, build confidence and gain experience of cycling to work.

The London Cycling Campaign, ‘the voice of cyclists in London’, was founded in 1978. The charity aims to create a city in which cyclists can ride the streets ‘conveniently and without fear’.

The organisers of Cycle to Work Day estimate that around 740,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly, and this number is ‘growing steadily’. They hope that Cycle to Work Day will help those numbers ‘skyrocket’ to one million by 2021.

Nationally, 38,505 people have already pledged to participate this year, covering an estimated 584,252 miles and saving 122,666kg of CO2.

Cycle to Work Day enjoys wide-ranging support from cycling organisations including British Cycling, CTC, Sustrans the London Cycling Campaign, and is supported by corporates including Halfords and Forster Communications.

To help people and organisations promote and participate in the event, the organisers have produced a number of free downloads including a bike health check form, posters and information for employers explaining how they can get involved.

Are you interested in cycle training? Find out what your borough has to offer in the local authority contacts section of this website.

12 September 2016