Capital to stage motorcycle safety conference

LRSC PTW conference

London is playing host to a one-day conference – taking place in spring 2020 – which will focus on reducing casualties among motorcyclists.

The conference, titled ‘PTW riders: improving safety and reducing collisions and casualties’, is being held at the RAC Clubhouse in Pall Mall on Thursday 19 March. It is being organised by Road Safety GB in partnership with the DfT.

The agenda is almost complete, with the content geared towards road safety practitioners – principally local authority road safety officers, fire & rescue and police officers and motorcycle instructors.

The 13 confirmed speakers include Colin Brown (MAG), Karen Cole (MCIA), CC Nick Adderley (NPCC), Lorraine Willis (Highways England), Nick Lloyd (RoSPA) and Neil Greig (IAM).

Also on the agenda is Debbie Huckle, honorary secretary of the London Road Safety Council and vice chair of the 2Wheels London stakeholder group.

Debbie will introduce delegates to Angry Al – the central character of phase one of the #RideBetter social media campaign, launched by 2Wheels London to resonate with young riders and positively influence their decision making.

The campaign comprises eight films which encourage riders to use the roads in a manner that gives them the best chance of staying safer and avoid being involved in a collision. In total, the films have been viewed approximately 140,000 times across various social media platforms.

PTW riders: over-represented in casualty stats
DfT figures show that in 2018, some 354 powered two wheeler (PTW) riders were killed on roads across Great Britain.

In the same year there were 6,199 killed and seriously injured casualties and more than 16,700 total casualties. This equates to a casualty rate of 5,674 per billion miles – compared to 223 among car occupants.

While PTWs comprise less than 1% of all motor vehicle traffic, tragically their riders account for 20% of all road deaths.

Delegate fees for the PTW conference start at £160 plus VAT for Road Safety GB and Academy members – click here to register or for full pricing details.

29 November 2019