Bus campaign reminds road users to ‘Be Brake Ready’

City of London bus campaign 2

More than 140 buses driving through the Square Mile are providing a visual reminder for drivers and riders to look out for pedestrians, as part of an ongoing campaign by the City of London Corporation.

Originally launched in November 2017 to coincide with Road Safety Week (pictured above), Be Brake Ready urges drivers, bikers and cyclists in the City of London to be ready to react instantly in order to avoid a serious collision.

The latest phase of the campaign features advertising on the back of buses – inspired by the Game of Thrones ‘Long Night’ theme – asking road users to take extra care to look out for pedestrians who are crossing the road, especially during the darker winter months.

City of London bus campaign 3The advert reads: “The long nights are here, beware walkers crossing roads.”

Be Brake Ready was launched on the back of figures which show that either ‘failure to look properly’ or ‘careless, reckless or hurried behaviour’ were contributing factors in 172 of the 261 ‘killed or seriously injured’ collisions in the City of London between 2012 and 2016.

As part of the campaign, the City of London Corporation’s road danger reduction team also published four ‘road etiquette principles’ for people travelling in the Square Mile:

  • Look around – keep your eyes open and focus on what’s around you
  • Be aware – the City of London is a busy place, so always expect the unexpected
  • Be considerate – remember other road users are people too
  • Less haste – take an extra second to think about what you’re doing and any potential hazards

The campaign uses the #BeBrakeReady hashtag on Twitter.

14 February 2018