Updated 12 October 2017

Research suggests autonomous vehicles could replace 33% of journeys by 2025

One in three London car journeys could be undertaken by an autonomous vehicle by 2025, according to a consortium investigating ways to integrate new technology into the Capital’s public transport network. More...


New programme sets out to change young drivers’ attitudes to road safety

A new initiative which sets out to improve the safety of pre-drivers and newly qualified young drivers was presented to London Road Safety Council members at a meeting held earlier this week. More...


New CS4 route a ‘priority’ due to high demand for cycling

Plans for Cycle Superhighway 4 – linking Tower Bridge to Greenwich – have been unveiled and put out for consultation by Transport for London. More...


LRSC concerned over ‘comparability’ of new casualty statistics

The LRSC has expressed concern that changes to the way road casualty and collision data is collected and recorded in the Capital will make it virtually impossible for the data to be meaningfully compared to many other parts of the country. More...


New maps celebrate decade of navigating London on foot

Special anniversary ‘Legible London’ maps have been launched to help people living, working and visiting London to walk regularly around the Capital. More...


CS9 to include nearly 6km of segregated track

Plans for London’s newest cycle superhighway have been put out for consultation and the new route will include nearly 6km of segregated track. More...


It’s magic! Road safety show delivered to more than 100,000 primary pupils

A magic show which delivers road safety and sustainable travel messages to primary pupils across London is celebrating its fifth anniversary. More...


Your local road safety contacts


Contact details, campaigns and initiatives. More


LRSC Centenary

100 years of road safety in London – more


LRSC feature

What's life like as a lollipop lady?
The Londonist talks to SCPs in the London Borough of Hackney. More...

In my view!

Cllr Melvin Collins

Cllr Melvin Collins, the LRSC representative for Hounslow, explains how his borough has followed up the car seat/charity shop issue, recently brought up by Cllr Val Clark. More...

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London Road Safety Council

It is likely that around 28,000 people will be injured on roads in the Greater London Area this year, some 3,000 of whom will be killed or seriously injured.

The London Road Safety Council's aim is to reduce these needless casualties by producing and promoting resources and publicity materials and providing a forum to discuss road safety issues.

The Council is unique in London in that it has a membership of elected council members and professional road safety officers from the London boroughs. Transport for London (TfL) and other stakeholders, including the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police forces, are also represented.

More about the London Road Safety Council.

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100 years of road safety in London

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