Updated 21 April 2017

Nominations open for 2017 London Road Safety Award

The London Road Safety Council (LRSC) is inviting nominations for its annual road safety award, designed to celebrate work carried out within the education, training and publicity aspects of road safety. More...


LRSC welcomes modernised driving test, but further reform needed

The London Road Safety Council has welcomed the new-look driving test announced by the DVSA last weekend, but is also calling for ‘further significant changes’ to enhance driver training. More...


City of London event to focus on active travel

A panel discussion involving Will Norman, London’s first walking and cycling commissioner, will be a highlight of a one-day event taking place in the City of London in June. More...


Hackney launches new cycle taxi service

A new cycle taxi service is launching in Hackney next week to help older people and those with mobility issues make short trips by bike for free. More...


Camden CLOCS up first in adopting safety initiative

Camden has become the first London borough to adopt the CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) initiative. More...


Brent schools say no to idling as part of new campaign

Schoolchildren in Brent are spearheading a new campaign designed to reduce vehicle emissions outside schools in the borough. More...


Your local road safety contacts


Contact details, campaigns and initiatives. More


LRSC Centenary supporters

We are grateful to a number of organisations for supporting our centenary conference.

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Mobile phone penalties double - but will it be an effective deterrent?
Edward Seaman, LRSC's web editor, reviews the change in legislation and its potential to influence behaviour. More...

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London Road Safety Council

It is likely that around 28,000 people will be injured on roads in the Greater London Area this year, some 3,000 of whom will be killed or seriously injured.

The London Road Safety Council's aim is to reduce these needless casualties by producing and promoting resources and publicity materials and providing a forum to discuss road safety issues.

The Council is unique in London in that it has a membership of elected council members and professional road safety officers from the London boroughs. Transport for London (TfL) and other stakeholders, including the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police forces, are also represented.

More about the London Road Safety Council.

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