Updated 20 October 2016

Waste management company recognised with European fleet safety award

One of London’s leading independent waste management companies has been recognised for the ‘outstanding measures’ it has taken to improve the safety of its vehicle fleet. More...


Conference presentation will focus on ‘sources of road danger’

Delegates attending the LRSC Centenary Conference will hear how TfL is working with London boroughs to achieve the target of halving the number of people killed and seriously injured on the Capital’s roads by 2020. More...


New partnership to promote TfL’s CLOCS standard nationwide

A new alliance of construction bodies is being tasked with developing CLOCS, the award-winning standard for improving the road safety of construction vehicles in London, into a nationwide initiative. More...


Simple intervention leads to improved ‘Street Harmony’

A simple behavioural intervention designed to reduce tension between cyclists and motorists in London resulted in a marked decrease in the number of cyclists jumping red lights at the junctions where it was trialled. More...


E-learning training scheme scheduled to go live by year-end

A series of e-learning modules for elected members across London with an interest in, and responsibility for road safety, is currently out for review and should be available by the end of the year. More...


Your local road safety contacts


Contact details, campaigns and initiatives. More

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School gate parking problems - what’s the answer?
Councillor Val Clark, calls for 20mph limits and cameras to enforce ‘zig-zags’. More...

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A one-day conference in central London to mark the centenary of the London Road Safety Council. More...

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London Road Safety Council

It is likely that around 28,000 people will be injured on roads in the Greater London Area this year, some 3,000 of whom will be killed or seriously injured.

The London Road Safety Council's aim is to reduce these needless casualties by producing and promoting resources and publicity materials and providing a forum to discuss road safety issues.

The Council is unique in London in that it has a membership of elected council members and professional road safety officers from the London boroughs. Transport for London (TfL) and other stakeholders, including the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police forces, are also represented.

More about the London Road Safety Council.

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App allows cyclists to ‘beep’ London’s mayor

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